Caffix The Tech Cafe – Fix Phone Fix Hunger

Caffix The Tech Cafe - Fix Phone Fix Hunger

A Unique concept of fixing hunger and fixing phones in what Caffix – The Tech
Café is all about. Our passion for food and experience in technology is what we
offer at Caffix.
We guarantee that your iPhone will be repaired in less than 30 Minutes!
Meanwhile, our food and beverage options are ready to accompany you while
wait. The repairing is done with 100% transparency and you can be right next to
us as we repair your Iphone, Mac-book, Ipad or any Apple gadget.
A Techie ambience, free high speed Wi-Fi, document scanning, printing facilities,
charging ports on almost all tables, are available at your service.
Apple Accessories, wide range of iPhones and special edition Panache Design
models are few options from the technical menu. So while you place your food
order, don’t forget to see the technical facet of this unique place.
Caffix – The Tech Café is a perfect blend of rustic interior, modern – technology
and mouth watering delicacies under the same roof!

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