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Caffix is a perfect blend of the rustic interior, modern – technology and mouth watering delicacies under the same roof!

Macbook Repairing

We are a one stop solution for all your Apple products. We repair iPhones in 30 mins. We also repair iPad, Macbook and iMac. We’re Ahmedabad’s most trusted Apple repair specialist.

One stop solution to all your Apple Problems

Caffix – The Tech Cafe is based in Ahmedabad and is centered around apple gadget repairs. We are consistently there for our clients, at whatever point any issue occurs with your iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook you can rely on us.

iPhone 12 Repair in Ahmedabad

iPhone 12 Back glass substitution in Ahmedabad or close to me.

Are you searching for Apple iphone 12 mini or 12 pro Back glass substitution however apple administration focus said you need to supplant the iPhone 12 at that point don’t stress we will do the crushed spirit Glass substitution.

Our Top Picks

We use the finest and freshest ingredients

Caffix Special Pizza

FOC Shakes

SOS Kitkat

Pesto Pasta


Nutella Cappuccino

Green Apple Mojito


Why Caffix?

Caffix – The Tech Café is a perfect blend of the rustic interior, modern – technology and mouthwatering delicacies under the same roof! A unique concept of fixing hunger and fixing phones is what Caffix – The Tech Café is all about. Our passion for food and experience in technology is what we offer at Caffix.

Fix Hunger

We want what’s best for you, that’s why we opt for the finest and the freshest ingredients because anything less than that isn’t good enough. At Caffix you can fix all your cravings from breakfast to dinner OR you can simply Sip on Selfie, yes you read it correctly, an amazing shake with your picture on it AND If you feel an Instagram post is in the order you can use the props available at the café to get the extra likes. A Techie ambience, free high-speed Wi-Fi, document scanning, printing facilities, charging ports on almost all tables, and an amazing collection of novels are available at your service.

Fix Phone ​

We guarantee that your iPhone will be repaired in less than 30 Minutes! The repairing is done with 100% transparency and you can be right next to us as we repair your iPhone, Mac-book, iPad or any Apple gadget. The cherry on top is, we provide great deals on Apple products and accessories like great buyback offers and exchange deals for your Apple products.

Our Story

About Caffix - The Tech Cafe, Vastrapur, West Ahmedabad

Food Enthusiasts go indulgent with super delicious Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian grub in Mexican and European cuisines at Caffix The Tech café. This is a self-service tech café where you can get your, I phone repaired as you enjoy delectable meal.

The ambience is very casual with wooden benches and metal chairs. The indoor seating is not designed for long sitting duration. An interesting feature is that you can play board games in the well-lit café. Every wooden table is equipped with a plug point where you can recharge your mobiles. As you place the order for your preferred meal you will be given a small round and flat timer gadget. This gives a b sharp beep when your order is ready so that you can collect your delectable food dish in this self-service café.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 PM Weekends 9:30 AM - 12:00 AM

Should you wish to join our team

Contact us at


Mobile no: +91 8200019173


36-37 Advait Mall, Sandesh Press Rd, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054