Fix Phone

We can fix your iPhone in less than
30 minutes!


Fix Hunger

 Fix hunger with mouth watering food,
coffee and refreshing mocktails


Our Story

A unique concept of fixing hunger and fixing phones is what Caffix-The Tech Café  is all about. Our passion for food and experience in technology is all we offer at Caffix.

We guarantee that your iPhone will be repaired in less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile, our food and drink options are ready to accompany you in that wait. Our repairing is done with 100% transparency, you can be right next to us as we repair your phone. We know what we do and don’t mind you watching us.

Rustic yet high-class ambience, free high speed Wi-Fi, document scanning, printing facilities, charging ports on almost all tables, Apple accessories, wide range of iPhones and special edition Panache Design models are few of our technical menu options. So while you place your food order, don’t forget to see the technical facet of this unique place.

Caffix – the tech café is a perfect blend of rustic furniture, modern technology and mouth-watering food under one roof!


Fix Hunger

We want what’s best for you, that’s why we opt for the finest and the freshest ingredients because anything less than that isn’t good enough.

From the daily dose of your morning coffee to dinning, we’ve got you covered.

From the era of selfies, belfie and even delfie (dog selfies, no joke!) we decided to take selfies to the next level by combining the two things everybody loves: Good food and good photos. Presenting to you:


A.K.A Sippin’ on Selfie. You can get any of your photo or your friend’s embarrassing photo on your favorite drink and sip away, enjoying the sweet taste of your face. Jk.

P.S don’t forget to post a photo with the SOS selfie, this thing goes viral pretty fast.

Our specialties include:
• Twisted Pizza: A delicious multilayered twisted Pizza.
• Lie down with a novel or drink and dine with your friends.
• Ambience that can make your mood.
• Books available to entertain you while you munch your favourite food.

Fix Phone

30 Minute Repair: We guarantee that your iPhone will be repaired in less than 30 Minutes!
We use 100% genuine apple spares and the repairing is done with 100% transparency and you can be right next to us as we repair your phone. We know what we do and don’t mind you watching us.

We agree sharing is important so we are so happy to share incredible facilities like-

• Our high speed free Wi-fi which makes working effortless and easy.
• Scanning and printing facilities available
• Polaroid cameras- because we don’t want you to miss moments that are important to you.
• Any apple accessories you need to make your time at the café better.
• Accessible charging ports at every table.
• Great buyback offers and exchange deals for your Apple products.

We have a range of iPhones and accessories available for sale along with special edition
Panache Design models to match your exclusive lifestyle. Whether you like bling or subtle matte, we have it all.

Café Franchise

Caffix is repair your phone over a cup of coffee or over a cup of coffee repair your phone…
Caffix invites entrepreneurs looking to diversify or build a successful profitable business module and have a whims to enter food and beverage and mobile repair business.
Caffix thus gives its franchises a unique advantage to explore business opportunities with expert assistance and to maximize business performance

Our Experience

The establishment of Caffix was based on the desire to give customers a high-class ambience with tech friendly environment with a support of genuine and authentic Apple products and services in a short time. The passion for food will provide you with authentic flavor which will tingle your taste buds to a larger extent.


• To become a part of a business with a unique concept of food and technology working hand in hand.
• Availability of readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one’s own technology, system and procedures.
• Training with reference to business as well as manpower recruitment
• Continuous research and development support.


• Assistance in site selection and feasibility study
• Café and kitchen layout support
• Equipment selection and placement
• Vendor tie-ups during project stage
• I Installer team placed at the outlet at the time of opening to minimize initial operational issue and deliver complete operating standards for better business.
• Composite structured software placement with inventory and complete control with backup from principal company.
• Provision of products/ raw material from central commissary to maintain uniformity of taste.
• Providing a standard recipe. With defined SOPS in all departments.
• Selection of staff and training at principle company and kitchen in Ahmedabad
• Identity and Brand design advantage.
• Monthly Audit from trained and professional company executives to provide on ground solutions to issues and help in controlling cost of operations.
• Complete marketing support online and offline to enhance brand awareness in local market.
• Dedicated back up arrangement to provide all solutions to operating problems.


• Franchise Partner profile
o Budding entrepreneurs willing to explore and put efforts to build a successful business and looking for diversification.
o Good track record of business ownership that can complement our brand
o Adequate local knowledge and expertise in the area of consumer preference
o Access to required capital
• Location Profile
o 1500-3000 sq ft of carpet area in a prime location
o Ground Floor space preferred with a frontage of minimum 40 ft
o Parking space is required
o Prime location with high footfall. Prominent visibility of the space is important.
o Preferably owned space.
o If the location is in a prime location and a happening mall of the city even then the prominence of the space within the mall is important.


Capital required in starting of restaurant over and above the cost of property would be in the range of Rs 50 to 60 lakh.
If interested in becoming the partner with Caffix The tech Café, please send us the following:
• Please fill in the Franchise Application Form.
• Send photographs of inside and outside view and view of the main road from the property.
• Send us the layout plan in AutoCAD format.
Just send in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.